Reliable, powerful, high quality, affordable engines that can be customized on request have been part of The Frank Turbinen brand for 2 decades now. Only parts produced in Germany, Austria and Switzerland guarantee us the highest quality standards,which are a prerequisite for one of the most powerful engines on the market.
Our state-of-the-art engines are well known by hobby pilots as well as competition pilots world wide due to their ease of use and reliability.
Frank’s trademark is carbon cladding and a characteristic tooth-shaped nozzle gives the engine additional enhancement in terms of weight, thrust and noise.

All-in-one engine system from the turbines to the thrust tube with various options can be obtained from us, we offer you the the entire concept for your model aligned to your special requirements and needs.
We are a focused on individual solution, rather then providing a default solution from an assembly line. Our engines are produced in small series by specialists exclusively in Germany and Austria for those model pilots who are convinced of the power, quality, reliability and service of Frank Turbinen.

FT 180

Further development of the FT 160. Lightest engine in this thrust class by carbon parts and V2A housing
Guaranteed thrust of 17.5-19kg (altitude 550m, temp.15°)

FT 220

Further development of the FT 180 Raptor.
Lightest engine in this thrust class due to V2A housing and carbon parts
Modified diffuser, increased number of injection nozzles, more temperature-resistant turbine wheel, milled compressor wheel, modified thruster contour separates the FT 220 from the FT 180.

FT 250

Compact size at high thrust, up to 28 kg with special Frank thrust pipe system
Guaranteed thrust of 23.5 -25kg
extremely light due to V2A housing and carbon parts

FT 500

Latest development of Frank turbines for large models up to 90 kg
Sales start autumn 2020

All-in-one engine system from Frank Turbinen

All engines can be specially tuned with our Frank thrust tubes. As a result, additional thrust increases of up to 10% can be achieved. You can also configure and order the right push pipe direket from us for all other engines.



Here you can follow the construction progress of the large SU 27 scale 1:4 of our Frank pilots. The drive is 2x Frank Turbine FT500.

Frank Piloten

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