Latest development of Frank turbines for large models up to 90 kg

All components of this engine have been specially designed for professional use. A special ECU control unit with multiple redundant safety systems has been developed for this purpose. Starter and fuel pump are designed in BLDC technology. The simulation and component calculation of the highly loaded components as well as their design for increased safety factors give the engine additional operational reliability even under prolonged high load conditions. All necessary components for engine control such as pumps, starter valves ECU are installed directly in the engine.




Thrust test bench 500 N
Thrust ISA 470-500 N
Maximum speed 25,000-85,000 rpm
Pressure ratio 4,5
Acceleration time 3-4 s
Exhaust gas temperature 450-790 °C
Fuel Kerosene / Diesel / Petroleum
Consumption 1500 ml/min
Lubrication 5% oil in fuel (2% for diesel)
Maintenance after 25 hours of operation
Weight 4200g

Additional information

Weight 4,2 kg
Dimensions 43 × 16,9 × 16,9 cm