Flow meter

The FLOW meter measures the fuel consumption of turbine-powered models, which are provided for transmission on the telemetry back channel of the respective remote control system. Thus, the model pilot is always informed about the current consumption/tank content.
Depending on the remote control system, alarm thresholds (reserve, turbine OFF) can be set in the transmitter or in the FLOW meter. The consumption/tank content can be reset via a separate servo channel, among other things – so the display of the actual consumption/tank contents would not be a problem even after a so-called “taxi tank” after the start phase.


The VSpeak FLOW meter is available in 4 variants:

    • FLOW meter 1.0   . . . for turbines up to 180N
    • FLOW meter 1.6   . . . for turbines up to 300N
    • FLOW meter 3.0   . . . for turbines with integrated pump or > 300N
    • FLOW meter E . . . . without sensor, for customer flow sensor

Selection of fuel connections:


Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 3,9 × 2,2 × 0,2 cm