All components are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and installed directly in-house. Latest CFD simulation models allow us to improve the analysis of the different flows inside and outside the engines. These findings are taken into account in our new developments as well as in the further development of existing engines. Each engine is subjected to a sequence of test runs before delivery and must all pass them within the defined limits.
The materials used in our engines are exclusively aluminum 7075, chromium nickel base alloys, tempered steels and carbon fiber composites.
No plastic injection moulded parts or aluminium casting components are installed. All parts are milled or rotated from the full.
Spare parts original Frank are always kept in stock for all Frank turbines, regardless of the year of construction.

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“Mephisto push pipes” can only be purchased via CARF.

Push pipe

Assembly and testing


Functional test in built-in condition


Assembly and locking