1992 First tests with the help of the FMT construction plan of Dipl. Ing. Kurt Schreckling to produce a first working prototype of the engine

1992-1994- Construction of the dipl. Ing. Kurt Schreckling. 1994 first successful flight with a turbotrainer

1995-According to Thomas Kamps’ construction plan, the first TJ 66 was built using a turbocharger wheel and a self-produced turbine wheel. 5 kg thrust

1997 Construction of the TJ 67 with enlarged compressor wheel and Golden West turbine wheel

1998 Development of the TJ 70

2000 Founding of the company Alfred Frank Model Turbines

2000 development of TJ 70/16 and TJ 74th sales start of TJ 70

2001 Sales start of the TJ-70/16

2002 Development of the TJ-67-mini and the TJ70 Raptor

2003 TJ-70 Raptor prototype is demonstrated for the first time with 19 kg thrust on the Jetpower

2005 Development tbS 400 by Robert Sturtzkopf

2006 Development and sale of THE TJ-74S

2007 Development of the FT300 Hercules

FT 180 Raptor with carbon fiber lid

2008 Sales start of TJ-70 Raptor/ FT300 Herkuless

2011 Name change from TJ-70 Raptor to FT 180 ; TJ-70/16 and TJ-74S in FT 160

2012 Further development of the FT 180 to the FT 220

2015 Development of the FT 250

2018 Acquisition of the company by Ing. Mario Pasqualini, Innsbruck

2019 Development of the FT 500 ; Extension of thrust pipe production by Lorenz Bernreiter. Establishment of 2 new service stations. Acquisition of additional technicians and new suppliers for extended engine production

2020 Launch of sales in the Middle East/Dubai and USA through cooperation with ENATA Dubai. Distribution of commercial engines based on FT 500

2020 Launch of sales in the US Market through cooperation with Ultimate Jets USA Mr. Woody Lee. Distribution and Service located in Texas