Through our authorized partners, comprehensive operating manuals, and personal support, we offer assistance even after your purchase.

With the purchase of one of our turbines, you not only receive the turbine, but also extensive manuals and personal support. Service is a top priority for us, and so we accompany our large customers and model builders throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.

Manuals and Guides

Feel free to contact us for further questions, uncertainties, or problems, and together we will find a solution for your Frank Turbine and your satisfaction.

Turbine Service

To ensure the longevity of your Frank Turbine, we offer personal service and maintenance. Please send us a service request including a completed service form, or simply call us. Please send your turbines directly to our company address in Innsbruck. Depending on the urgency and number of service requests, you will receive your turbine back no later than 14 days.

Service Request

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to assist our customers with any questions and provide advice before and after your purchase. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers. For further questions, please contact us by phone or email.

When installing current Frank turbines, it is important to note that the burner of the turbine is facing upwards. This is important so that no fuel can flow back from the combustion chamber during the start-up process. It is easy to recognize this by the screw for the former burner candle/combustion chamber. Ideally, it should be located in the range between 11 and 1 o'clock.

The following items must be sent in for service and repair: turbine, pump, ECU, valves, and the service form. Don't forget to insure the transport of your turbine. We cannot be held liable for lost packages.

Here are the minimum diameters for the thrust tubes of our turbines:
- FT-140: 80mm
- FT-160: 90mm
- FT-180: 90mm
- FT-220: 100mm
- FT-270: 110mm
- FT-400: 120mm
- FT-500: 130mm

The distance between the turbine and the thrust tube is important for optimal operation. With thrust tubes that we manufacture specifically for our engines, the distance is automatically set optimally by directly adjusting the bracket between the turbine and the thrust tube. The distance varies depending on the type of thrust tube and the inlet funnel. If you are using a thrust tube from another manufacturer, the general rule is: distance from the end of the nozzle to the beginning of the thrust tube plate = about 3-4 cm

All of our turbines manufactured from September 1, 2011 can be operated not only with kerosene but also with diesel. For lubrication, only a mixture of just 1% fully synthetic two-stroke oil is required. This can also be determined by the serial number. If you are not sure whether your Frank engine can be operated with diesel, please feel free to call us for further information.

We recommend using our Frank turbine oil as we have had the best experience with it.

Preferably always use kerosene. If not available, use only premium diesel or petroleum. Diesel can be flown with a 2% oil mixture, kerosene with about 4-5%.

Check the pump start voltage, if the value is too low, no fuel will come out.
Is fuel being pumped at all? Check the fuel hose visually.
Is the valve opening?
Is the battery charged?
Is the RC system programmed correctly? "Off, Standby, Burner on"