Our portfolio ranges from turbines for model building, to professional turbines for industrial and military applications, to accessories and merchandise from Frank Turbine.

Model Building & Scales


Our product line primarily for model building includes the FT180, FT220, FT250, and FT270 turbines. These models with a thrust between 18 and 27 kg for models with 15-45 kg takeoff weight are very well suited for entry-level and most model building projects.


Industry & Defense


Our product line for professional and military use (e.g. for target/catapult/reconnaissance drones and asphalt dryers) includes the FT400, FT500, and FT1500 turbines. These models achieve a thrust between 38 and 150 kg and are specifically configured for the application you desire.


Accessories & Merchandise

With the right accessories, you are well equipped for your flight and mission.