Bild FT1500

The FT1500 will be available from Q4 2023 and, unlike all conventional turbines, is a turbofan engine. The turbine in the core drives a larger fan that generates a multiple of thrust with similar consumption.

 Price on request

Description and Data

The engine is supplied including the accessories required for operation. This includes: electric starter, ECU Pro version, fuel pump, fuel shut-off valve, felt pendulum (for hopper tank) and brass pendulum (for main tank), mounting clamp, and intake protection. Batteries, RC system and fuel/oil are not included in the set.

Length 700mm
Diameter 449mm
Weight 22000g
Thrust @ 1900ft MSL, 940-950 hPa, 15-20°C 30-1500N
FAN operating speed (RPM) 25,000 rpm
Exhaust temperature 350 °C
Fuel Kerosene/Petroleum
Fuel consumption approx. 1600ml/min
Lubrication circular
Maintenance interval 500 hours of use