The company Alfred Frank Modellturbinen now has more than 2 decades of experience in the production and development of turbojet engines.

The company, founded by Alfred Frank, has high priority for close customer contact, high reliability of the engines as well as the support of competition and test pilots with engines, as well as the high transparency in performance specifications. These principles have not changed to date.

The engines are subject to constant improvement in terms of new materials, higher performance, improved manufacturing capabilities. The principle of reliability as well as the simple design of the engines is not deviated from here.
By attracting new, highly qualified employees in the technical, aviation and sales technology sectors, Frank Engines are enjoying higher demand than ever before, despite strong competition from Asia. The quality and customer proximity, coupled with fast and affordable solutions for our customers, are a consistent recipe for success.
The company, founded by Alfred Frank in 2000, now has thousands of engines and hundreds of customers. Due to the changed market conditions and the focus on new product lines in the form of commercial engines, the company was restructured in 2018.

By acquiring Ing. Mario Pasqualini’s engine production and service were split between Alfred Frank, Mario Pasqualini and Lorenz Bernreiter. This enables us to shorten delivery times, warehouse production of new engines and improved development opportunities for new engines with the help of newly acquired suppliers.
All our employees have a strong practical understanding and are able to serve every branch of engine production. Theory and practice are always with us. The lean structure, just in time production, the latest production methods, perfectly trained employees and the skilful promotion of the individual employee strengths gives us a not inconsiderable competitive advantage over competitors.

The combination of training, the latest production, continuous further development and the philosophy of Alfred Frank to build turbines as close as possible to the customer will continue to be of great importance at Frank Turbinen in the future.


Ing. Mario Pasqualini